What I have found and learned during my journey is that there are 3 stages to a healing process: Release, Restore, and Renew.  I discuss this in my upcoming book: Eat Pray Lupus: A Journey to Complete Healing with Release, Restore, and Renew. 

Many people wish to start their healing journey at the Restore phase.  However, in order to completely heal and before getting to the Restore phase, we have to start with the Release phase.


We have to release everything that no longer serves us.  This includes certain foods and drinks, anger, negative emotions, grudges, traumas, fears, toxic relationships (family, friends, lovers, acquaintances) through forgiveness, belief systems that hold us back, and roles and labels that hold us back.  When we release the things that we attach ourselves to, we find acceptance, letting go, surrendering, and openness.  There are some healing modalities that help with releasing like mindfulness or tantra meditations, Archangel meditations, reiki, breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini, sound baths, touch therapy, emotion code therapy, tapping EFT, forgiveness exercises, acupuncture, massage therapy, infrared sauna therapy, aromatherapy, using specific crystals and smudging, and other energy releasing therapies that some intuitive practitioners can help with that includes light code therapy, past life clearing, chakra clearing, etc.

The release phase can take as long as it will take for us to release everything that needs and wants to be released.  Once the release phase has wind down, then the Restore phase takes over naturally and organically.


This is the phase in the process where we start to find ourselves again.  We eat certain and specific healing foods that continue to restore our health.  We can use other healing modalities to help in the restoring part of the process like mindful or tantra meditation, archangel meditations, reiki, chakra restoring, ozone therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, sound baths, being in nature with trees, a babbling brook or stream or pond/lake, watching the waves at the beach, star gazing, watching the sunrise or sunset, gentle restorative exercising like restorative yoga, qigong, rebounding, mindful walking, setting boundaries, and shielding exercises.  There are also some intuitive practitioners out there who can help to restore energetically as well.

The Restore phase can also take as long as it will take for us to restore everything that needs and wants to be restored.  Once the restore phase keeps elevating, it naturally and organically takes us into the Renew phase.


The Renew phase is a beautiful phase for everyone.  It's the phase that Anthony William, the Medical Medium, talks about in his books like Thyroid Healing called The Soul's Gold.  It is in this phase where the light shines through so brightly and healing is most noticeable.  It shows the inner glow around us, through the skin, the body, the mind is at peace, and everyday is lived in full unconditional gratitude, love, and kindness. In this phase, we continue to eat the healing foods that renew us.  We find and try other meditations that align with the energy and higher vibrational frequencies that we have renewed ourselves to.  We may find other passions and perhaps a renewed sense of being of service to the people around us, our community, and to the world. We find other exercises that we once did when we were "healthy" and return to like jogging, running, rowing, yoga, aerobics, dancing, etc.  It is in this phase where we are completely healed. 

As we journey through these three phases, certain life events and traumas can come up and it is through revisiting these phases that we can find complete healing for the rest of our lives.

This is my wish and intention for everyone, to find their own healing journey and to be completely healed from the inside out.


Hubby's and My Healing Journey in Photos